A letter to my clients

Hi Friends,

I miss my clients and how much fun we have creating images together. As a small business this time is very difficult. Personally we are trying to support as many local businesses as we can.

I have been struggling with knowing & deciding what to do to for Leah Martin Photography so I can keep my doors open. I decided to offer a gift certificate special, similar to what I offered around the holidays.

If you are able and interested, you can purchase a gift certificate ($100 or more) towards a future session. Along with that purchase you’ll get a $50 print credit! If you want it as a gift, the person you give the certificate to will receive a $50 print credit. Since things are so uncertain I’m not putting a time limit on when the sessions can happen. When you or the gift certificate recipient book the session, the remaining balance will be due.

I am really hopeful that portrait sessions will be able to happen this summer. Since most are on location we will be able to maintain physical distance. I usually photograph with a longer lens, so sessions will still be interactive and not too much different than my normal. Just no hugs (yet).

I’ll be publishing session dates as far in advance as I can. This year I’m hoping we can still do the beach house in Rhode Island so beach sessions will be the week of August 1-8.

Newborn sessions will happen again as soon as we are able. When that happens I will be wearing a mask for the foreseeable future, I always disinfect in between clients, but will do so more in depth. As always I bring home and wash anything a baby was wrapped in or touched, this process will continue. I am researching anti-virus filter systems to see if that will be effective in my studio space as well. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

I love you all and deeply appreciate your investment in my company and craft. It is my joy to create images of your families milestones. I hope to be able to do it for many more years to come. <3

Big hugs,

Gift Certificate Promotion

The Mount

Beach Family

Baby Boy

Newborn Family