My fabulous Studio space is in Open Square in Holyoke, MA.  I just adore the studio I created with Lisa Scheff Designs and Lakay Builders.  I hope when you walk in you feel comfortable.  I want my clients to feel at home here, you are always welcome to stop by and say hi!


What kind of gear do you use?

I’m a Nikon shooter.  I prefer natural light especially when photographing children because the flash can be a distraction and makes some kids nervous.  The studio is equipped with Profoto lights and way too many flashes, so it is always an option if we decide to go in that direction.

What lenses do you use?

I am covered from 14mm-200mm.  I have a few zoom lenses and some prime lenses, depending on what I’m shooting.  At weddings and events I tend to carry two cameras at all times, so I’m not switching lenses and can grab those fleeting moments in between all the action.

Do you have a changing room at your studio?

Yes, I do have a changing room in the studio with a baby changing station.  You are welcome to feed your baby and change baby here.  The bathrooms are across the hall from the studio.

Do I have newborn props?

Yes, I have many wraps, and blankets, baskets and things to snuggle your baby in. We’ll chat about this before your session so it fits with your style.