Hi There!
I’m Leah, lover of all things photography.  I have many titles: mom, daughter, sister, wife, friend, photographer, business owner.  Thanks for visiting my page, I hope you find some information on here that is helpful to you and that we are able to work together to create some amazing images for your family or your business.

I grew up in Rhode Island, the smallest but most amazing state!  My uncle taught me how to use a camera when I was 11.  We went to Wickford and down by the water used an old Konica Minolta 35 mm camera.  I was pretty sure it was B&W film, but my uncle recently found it!  It was color film.   I’ll be sharing some of them soon in a blog post.  It was amazing to see what I was looking at at such a young age, and to remember images I’ve made in college and beyond that have similar lines and vision.

In high school for a hot second I took a few photos for the yearbook.  For college, I went to Clark University in Worcester, my degree is in Biology and Environmental Science, I created my own minor in studio art and took every photography course offered.  Clark is where I met Stephen DiRado, he instilled a passion for seeing and capturing images of everyday life, nature, and whatever moved my soul.  My freshman advisor Dr John Conron reminded me many times “to look long and long then look again.”  To this day I will never forget the smell of a darkroom or John’s words of wisdom.  A few years later I moved up to Maine to attend Rockport College part of The Maine Photographic Workshops, there I met incredibly talented photographer Brenton Hamilton.  He stoked an already existing appreciation for “alternative processes” and Photography History.  Being able to spend a year focused only on photography was definitely a blessing for me.

I photographed my first wedding in 1999!  I was so nervous!  It was actually a “commitment” ceremony.  I loved every second of it.  Weddings are one of those events where entire families and communities gather to celebrate love and happiness, how cool that I get to capture it all.

I’m a storyteller, my tool is the camera (trust me you don’t want me to draw or write for that matter).  I love celebrating life and milestones with my clients.  My goal is to be your photographer for life.   It would be an honor to be part of your journey.


Fun Facts

  • I’ve traveled to all 50 States!
  • I did a semester abroad in Australia and would love to go back.
  • Sam traveled with me to England when he was 13 months old!  Luckily he was only a furniture surfer, not a full on walker, way easier to keep track of him in the airport.
  • My first job was at McDonalds as the fry girl.  (I smelled like oil!)
  • Second job was to be the Easter Bunny at the Warwick Mall!  (I quit the day an entire family sat on my lap)

My Family Photos

Sam and I love to giggle and go on adventures.


My sweet baby Samuel at 9 weeks old.